Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grapefruit Cilantro Smoothie

I'm sharing this addictive smoothie recipe for our Two for Tuesdays Blog Hop Carnival with my real food blogging gals. It is one of my favorite smoothie recipes of all time and the flavors are so unexpected (I think that's what I love about it). The contrasting brightness of grapefruit and cilantro just seem to "pop" in your mouth, like a firecracker. My inspiration was gleaned from one of Sarma Melngalis' blog posts a year or so back. I was really into her cookbook Raw Food Real World when I was going through my raw vegan episode, and although I am not a raw vegan anymore (thank the Lord, I don't know who's happier, me or my husband), I do appreciate the creativity of this foodie genre.

This recipe just makes me happy as I am a cilantro lover at heart; it is often my splurge at my local co-op (I've tried for five years to grow cilantro in my garden and have yet to be successful at getting it to grow past two weeks, so I've decided to leave the growing of it to my neighbors who farm for a living).

And cilantro is one of the most powerfully healing of all herbs... check out its astounding stats (as quoted from The Global Healing Center):

  • Powerful anti-inflammatory capacities that may help symptoms of arthritis
  • Protective agents against bacterial infection from Salmonella in food products
  • Acts to increase HDL cholesterol (the good kind), and reduces LDL cholesterol (the bad kind)
  • Relief for stomach gas, prevention of flatulence and an overall digestive aid
  • Wards off urinary tract infections
  • Helps reduce feelings of nausea
  • Eases hormonal mood swings associated with menstruation
  • Has been shown to reduce menstrual cramping.
  • Adds fiber to the digestive tract
  • A source of iron, magnesium, and is helpful in fighting anemia
  • Gives relief for diarrhea, especially if caused by microbial or fungal infections
  • Helps promote healthy liver function.
  • Reduces minor swelling
  • Strong general anti-oxidant properties
  • Disinfects and helps detoxify the body (emphasis mine)
  • Stimulates the endocrine glands
  • Helps with insulin secretion and lowers blood sugar
  • Acts as a natural anti-septic and anti-fungal agent for skin disorders like fungal infections and eczema
  • Contains immune-boosting properties
  • Acts as an expectorant
  • Helps ease conjunctivitis, as well as eye-aging, macular degeneration, and other stressors on the eyes

This recipe is also great for these last few sizzling summer days, when you want something satisfying, yet light, to get you through a lazy afternoon of soaking up the sun. I admit, I am a tad excited for the cool, crispness of fall to arrive (and those crunchy, sweet, just picked apples from the orchard), but I am trying my darndess not to rush... because, as my fellow Minnesotans out there know, once summer ends, winter is not far behind! So let's not think about winter just yet (even though my son told me this morning that "tomorrow" it is going to snow and he is going to go sledding down the big hill!), but rather let's enjoy every moment of this heat... and the juicy flavors that it brings to our palates.

Grapefruit Cilantro Smoothie

3/4 cup cilantro (I use the stems and all)
1 grapefruit, peeled
1/2 banana
1/4 cup almond milk
1/2 cup water
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1/4 teaspoon stevia powder (optional)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
pinch salt

Add all ingredients into a Vitamix or blender in the order listed. Blend until completely smooth. Enjoy immediately (trust me, it won't last more than three minutes in your glass). 

!Viva el verano!


  1. Oh my word!! I can't wait to come "visit" and indulge in all of of your tasty treats!

  2. Holy cow...this sounds so insanely strange...in a delicious-kinda way!!! I'm a cilantro lover too and I am so intrigued by the flavors in here! Awesome...thanks so much for sharing it w/ t4t this week =)

  3. sarahann, recognize that napkin?!

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  5. I am not a huge cilantro lover but this sounds so refreshing and full of healthy goodness I will have to try it! Thanks for linking to Two for Tues!

  6. Ok, Kelly, I'm just trying to wrap my poor brain around these flavors, but no go. I guess I've just gotta try it for myself, especially since I'm in the cilantro-loving camp. Thank you for teasing our brains at Two for Tuesday.

  7. I absolutely love smoothies!! They are one of my favorite breakfast items. Loved this recipe, it was wonderful. Thanks